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Delivering Happiness: A path to profits, passion & purpose...
Losing my strength: How I survived, Had fun and made a fortune doing business my way.
“Oh, Screw it, lets do it”
That’s the philosophy that has allowed PeeyushShukla, in slightly more than 28 years, to spawn so many successful ventures. From the social work to corporate sector be it IT Sector, Real Estate, Mechanical, Electronics, NGO’s, Matrimonial, Film & Production & nearly hundered others, ranging from financial services to beauty products.
Since 1986 Shukla’s star has been on the rise, growing from a small village OF districtPratapgarh from THE DSPS GROUP to PSGC GLOBAL. It’s goal grown too, from the more modest, albeit fundamental one of offering high quality talent with professionalism and high quality services.
An exemplary success story, PSGC GLOBAL is identified with innovative marketing strategies, employee-ownership program & a product that become a subculture.
Whether you are an entrepreneur, a manager, a marketer or a curious PSGC loyalist, pour your heart into it will let you in on the revolutionary PSGC GLOBAL venture. CEO PeeyushShukla has a great story behind his success.
Born in 1986 & enjoying the life with family without tension. But as per natures law, time is always changing and is never same for anyone and with the passage of time Mr. PeeyushShukla had undergone many changes be it physically or mentally. And with these changes he started facing the world with different vision.
I was very fun-loving and humorous & not good at studies, however completed my 10th in 2000 and the time ran so fast with the completion of graduation in 2005. As I got matured, I started working with my lovely & passionate father Pt. Devi Prasad Shukla for his passion for social work & with passage of time I realized the reality of world & the need of the time. And at that point my inner conscious said wake up Peeyush and do something for the society.. What you are waiting for?
And with this mission I globalised THE DSPS Group to PSGC Global shifting to corporate world. With the aim to generate employment for everyone who actually need it and providing such kind of platform where they can show and analyze their talents. I believe in Creating Tomorrow’s Entrepreneur. I always focus on making entrepreneurs not on making employees. I always respect other’s ideas & values with the aim Let’s Grow Together. This feeling of togetherness is inculcated in me from my very own family, my mother, father & lovely Sisters.
From childhood itself I wanted to be very famous personality, I wanted my name on Google. I wanted people know me by my name and my family with my name. And somehow I was able to do it. And now I am here in front of you as a CEO of PSGC GLOBAL. With the unique combination of character traits & business strategies have driven PSGC GLOBAL on the top with different ventures. I rise from computer nerd to world changing entrepreneur. His success can be credited to his forward looking insights and ruthless business sense.
Various achievement of my career:
In year 2004 Maashivkumari AWARD By MMSS NATIONAL NGO
In year 2005 Shiv Ratna social work Award by shivasanshthan
In year 2006 young entrepreneur Award by DSPS group INDIA
IN YEAR 2007 BEST Planner Award for rural Development by govt of INDIA
In year 2008 young dynamic personality award by YUVA BHARAT Group
In year 2009 Nation Award for awareness program


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