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Health Camps:-

India accounts for 21% of the world’s global burden of disease. According to a World Health Organization 2012 report, though advances have been made in addressing communicable diseases, rapid changes in India’s society and lifestyles have led to the emergence of non-communicable diseases. A World Bank 2010 report informs that India is losing more than 6% of its GDP annually due to premature deaths and preventable illnesses.

India after decades of independence is still struggling to provide basic health care facilities to its citizens. Provisions for basic health care services especially in rural India are few and far between. It’s an understood reality that the elderly fall way behind in receiving these services. An important program oh HIHF health care initiative for early years, school years; community based activity, reproductive – maternal and child care, elder years, children in need of special care and any other support care is organizing health camps in rural as well as urban areas . Since 2012, Help India Help association with its network has successfully organized both general and specialized health camps for the different years. A general camp team comprises of general physician, pharmacist and assistant.